what’s your pet peeve?

what is your pet peeve?

Why so angry? (wikimedia commons)

What is your pet peeve?  That thing that someone–perhaps your nearest and dearest–does that just annoys the snot out of you.  Maybe it has nothing to do with people; maybe you find bad grammar super irritating, or standing ovations, or the 17 year locusts (which are coming out this year, by the way.)  Maybe you despise gum-chewing, or Bruno Mars, or people who cut in line.  

Don’t we all have them, those things that get on your last good nerve, that make you grind your teeth and clench your fists?  Clench, clench, you’re thinking about hitting something, but you know it would be wrong.  So you just retreat deep into your personal quiet space and pray that it goes away.  Whatever it is.

Yapping dogs?  Subwoofers? Ventriloquists? New Age music? Anne Hathaway? What is it?  What makes you go “ARRRGGGGGHHHHH”?

I’ll go first, although quite honestly, I have too many to name.  It takes a lot of self-discipline to stay this calm in the presence of so many provocations.

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, 
    for anger resides in the lap of fools.  Ecclesiastes 7:9

These are a few of my least favorite things:

  1. Back seat driving.  If you’re going to “suggest” how I should drive, I will just pull over and let you take the wheel.  Really, this car only needs one driver.
  2. Loud eating.  How is it that some people sound like they have microphones in their mouths when they are chewing?  My family knows better than to eat crunchy foods when I am within earshot, which might be up to half a mile away.
  3. Bragging.  You know who doesn’t brag?  People who are so awesome they have nothing to prove.  Get over yourself, you’re not that great.

Your turn, what are your top three pet peeves?  Or top fifty. Whatever. I promise to stay calm.

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  • Audrey Chin

    Ha! Are you sure you want to start me off —

    (1) People who lie and are inconsistent about their lies!!! If you wanna do something, do it right, even when it’s wrong.

    (2) Un-deodorized bodies. uh uh uh.

    (3) People who are holier than thou, don’t even get me started on that!

    (4) Kids, my kids especially, when they nod and say yes I’m just getting to that, and then… Nada.

    (5) People who call you and say “we must get together for lunch” then call to cancel at 11.15 on the day itself. (I got a solution to that though, always ask another mutual friend along… that way, the two of you can always catch up when the flake flakes off).
    And now I’ll try to hold my peace till the next opportunity to rant
    Thanks for this wonderful exit vent Kathleen

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Only five? I like “people who are inconsistent about their lies,” yes, people should definitely get their stories straight. I love the suggestion for #5, I will do that the next time I make plans with a “likely-to-cancel” friend. Feel better Audrey?

      • Audrey Chin

        Much better today dear! The rant was good!

        • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

          I’m so glad, sometimes it helps to just get it out there. Maybe we should do this more often. I’ll be thinking of another topic. Bless you friend.

    • http://twitter.com/Csterken Christa Sterken

      Shoot Audrey, I didn’t know I had so many until I read yours too :)

      • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

        Ha ha, it’s a good thing I limited myself to 3 or this post would have been War & Peace. Which tells you way too much about my attitude.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jon-Rhodes/100003475313731 Jon Rhodes

    Hi Kathleen. I hate it when people try and get you to do things that clearly you don’t want to. They really try and SELL whatever idea it is that they want you to do, despite them knowing that you are not up for it. I find this really selfish and offensive as they don’t care what you want to do, just what they can get out of you.

    Talking of selling, I also hate door sales people. It should be illegal to disturb people in their own homes to sell them something that they clearly don’t need (otherwise you would be out buying it).

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Totally agree, I really dislike being manipulated! I would prefer people just come out and say it, “please do this thing that I want you to do,” and allow me to say no thanks.

  • http://www.shelleydupont.com/ Shelley DuPont

    You just pulled up a band wagon we can all hop on. Let’s see if I can pull a minimal of five before I leave to work.

    1. Drivers who fail to use signals when turning
    2. Gum chewing, especially the female gender (especially while singing in the choir!)
    3. Body piercings and tattoos
    4. Pants on the ground
    5. In your face cleavage

    I know if I had more time, I could rattle off more. But, you get my picture.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Hi Shelley, I share all yours (although I must admit I am a gum chewer.) Thank you for hopping on the band wagon for a little while. It feels good to vent a little.

  • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

    This will be fun.
    My biggest pet peeve is people who make a mess and walk away. You know, the spilled milk on the counter, or the bread crumbs on the kitchen table. The worst is the wrapper taken off of a popsicle and not thrown away.
    I don’t understand why the wrapper is not thrown away immediately.

    I also don’t like noisy chewers. Close your mouth after you take a bite. I don’t want to hear or see your food.

    I don’t like whiners.

    I will have to come back and see what drives your other friends crazy.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Agree, agree and agree. Esp. #1, every night I make a final sweep through the family room and especially if Joe had friends over, there are wrappers and empty containers on every surface.

      • http://www.ipaintiwrite.com/ Pamela Hodges

        Do we create the problem by picking up the wrappers? Would getting Joe out of bed to clean up his mess make the wrapper mess stop? If I stood at the kitchen counter with a whip would that prevent the milk and crumb mess.
        Will our children in ten years be seeing a therapist crying, “I am messed up because my mother never made me pick up my empty wrappers?”
        Time will only tell.
        Could you train Tink to put the wrappers in the garbage for Joe?

        • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

          My obsessive desire for neatness is at war with my desire to raise self-sufficient children. Neatness generally wins out. I could stop providing Joe with food that comes in wrappers. Even if I could train Tink, she is too short, but maybe Maggie could do it.

    • http://twitter.com/Csterken Christa Sterken

      oh yeah, hate whiners. Especially when it’s me

      • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

        Whine, whine. It’s okay when we whine, just those other people, lol.

  • neritia

    This post made me giggle…..and I love the comments too!!

    1) When people talk to me with food in their mouths…..I want to loose it, I really do!!
    2) Those pants guys wear that shows their underwear…you know that look that reminds you of a flag at half mast…..I cannot stand it! :)

    3) When people play on their phones at the dinner table….or in conversation….I get itchy!

    I could continue….but I won’t….and yes….subwoofers drive me nuts!


    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Oooh, I don’t like it when people play with their phones at dinner. One time we were out at a restaurant and a guy who was out with a young lady was playing with his phone the whole time. I thought she should have walked out the door.

  • http://twitter.com/Csterken Christa Sterken

    This made me chuckle. I am that loud eater with cereal, makes my husband nuts. But, my mouth is closed, what to do? If we meat for breakfast, I’ll get eggs.
    1) People who crowd close behind me in line. Really close. when it’s not moving
    2) The guy across the street who enjoys blasting his music which vibrates my bed, only the flukey days I need a nap
    3) When people speed up as soon as you turn on your turn signal (I’m from CA, it’s epidemic. People don’t seem to do that here in slower moving midwest)

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      I’ll make an allowance for you as a loud eater Christa. I don’t like crowders, music blasters or rude drivers either. We have lots of those in NoVa.

    • Audrey Chin

      Other drivers…. That’s mine too. I am so grateful I no longer live in Los Angeles where that happened all the time Christa

  • http://www.chrismorriswrites.com/ Chris Morris

    I would apologize, but you started it! Most of these are VERY petty, but that’s the point with a pet peeve right?

    1) People responding to a text with “K”. Were you really too busy to add in that one other letter? I usually respond with a 2-3 texts as follows: “L”; “M”; “N”.

    2) The victim mentality. I know so many people who have had truly horrible things happen to them, and they are defined by these things to a degree, but not held back by them. Then, there are the victims. The forty year old man who swears he can only work at Kinko’s because of past history, so he stays broke because he has two kids. The teenager who was 40 minutes late for curfew but won’t take responsibility. I just want people to own up to their junk.

    3) Poor grammar. This OCD pet peeve preceded my ‘career’ as a writer, but I cannot blame blogging. For an unknown reason, I literally lose respect for someone who writes something poorly. Even if it’s an email.

    After I read this over again, I am starting to feel like maybe I need to lighten up a bit. Pull back on the caffeine perhaps?

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Why do you need to apologize? Consider this a little group therapy. I know, I’m probably a bad influence, stirring the pot like this. It was the first thing that jumped into my mind when Probloggers asked for “start a discussion” posts. I share your peeves, K?

      • http://www.chrismorriswrites.com/ Chris Morris

        I was so worried you would agree with the reduction in caffeine. I am glad you didn’t. I want us to still be friends

        • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

          Chris, you have such a generous heart, of course we are still friends! Besides, if I tell you to cut back on caffeine, I would have to do it too and then all brain function would pretty much cease.

  • katina Vaselopulos

    I often tell myself there is nothing that bothers me, but only because I want to believe it. The truth? Here are my more than three pet peeves:

    1. My husband going through the mail, throwing all the junk on the floor, and when

    done waling away.

    2. When I give him a list of 10 food items for shopping and comes back with 20,

    unhealthy ones and out of season. He is getting better, though.

    3. “Foot prints” people leave whether on Earth or their immediate environment:

    Chairs left away from the table, water running while taking showers or washing

    hands and dishes, living books and pencils on the table when done studying,

    spitting or throwing papers out of car windows…

    4. Boys wearing pants with the crotch all the way to their knees and girls going to

    church with 9-inch long skirts

    5. Being obnoxious, loud, and foul-mouthed
    6. Phones and electronic games during dinner

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Hi Katina, I’m beginning to see some recurrent themes here, especially the “pants on the ground” and phones at dinner. It’s time to bring back courtesy, wouldn’t you say?

  • http://selfstairway.com/ Vincent Nguyen

    This is a tough question that I have to really think about! I suppose one of my pet peeves would be people who are constantly late. I make it a point to always be punctual and there are people who seem to make it a goal to be 20 minutes late every time.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Totally agree with you, it’s disrespectful of your time. I also dislike it when people are very undisciplined about how long a meeting or presentation runs. Always respect people’s time. Thanks so much for commenting Vincent!

  • http://www.rocksolidfamily.com/ Anastacia Maness

    Oh dear! I’ve read the comments and I’m in trouble with some folks. LOL
    Let’s see my top 3 pet peeves…

    1. Being interrupted while in the midst of a deep thought. It’s very hard to stop what I’m working on and have to look up and figure out what the question was that someone just asked me. Then I have to come up with an answer. Then to finish the job I was working on.

    2. People not looking me in the eye while talking to me. I understand the occasional look away. I do that too. But I mean when someone is talking to the wall the whole time they are supposedly addressing me. I am very mindful to look people in the eyes while they are talking to me and when I talk with them. They should do the same.

    3. Someone always talking negative. Everything they do there is some problem attached with it. Surely they can think of at least one positive thing to say about their neighbor or family.

    I guess I’ll stop there for now. You did say 3. So far I hadn’t seen anyone have the pet peeve of not following instructions. I should make that like pet peeve #4. LOL

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Those are very valid peeves. I don’t like negativity either, what’s up with that? And you follow instructions very well Anastacia.

      • http://www.rocksolidfamily.com/ Anastacia Maness

        LOL I reread your post in my email and realized that you did mention “or 50″ on there. So I guess I could have gone for my top 50. :-D

        • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

          You could indeed Anastacia, and I would allow you that safe space to post them!

          • http://www.rocksolidfamily.com/ Anastacia Maness

            LOL That is sweet of you but I think I’ll refrain or else I’d be guilty of my #3 pet peeve and sound very negative. :-)

  • Michael Lynch

    My pet peeves change on a daily basis, well maybe weekly, and usually has something to do with whats on the radio on a particular day.
    If I was to pick one I would have to say Double Speak or as Orwell called it News Speak or Double Think.
    No 2 would probably be the radio.
    No 3 I’ll come back tomorrow and let you know.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      I don’t like Double Speak either Michael. Does everything on the radio annoy you, or do you find it annoying to listen to the radio in certain situations? Thank you for commenting, I appreciate it.

  • http://rhour.com/ Rohit Sharma

    I intend to be a good listener and I practice hard for it by giving my full attention while in meetings or with friends, but sometimes it annoys me to see some people who just love their take and don’t give any opportunity to whosoever they confront.

    Such people lack any scope of improvisation in their life, sometimes I really feel pity for them!

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Bad listeners! That’s one of my pet peeves too. People who think the opposite of talking is waiting. I feel pity for them too, because they are missing out on the wonderful art of conversation.

  • Linda O’Rourke

    Like you Kathleen back seat drivers (my husband) is one of my biggest pet peeves as I tell him I drive perfectly fine when you are not in the car so get over yourself.

    2nd peeve is when you are driving at the speed limit and somebody behind you decides that you should go faster and then proceeds to drive so close to you that you can’t even see their lights. I slow down even more just to annoy them back.

    3rd peeve would be people who just spend their whole life moaning it really grates on me. They think life owes them a living when they just need to get up and make something of their life rather than just moaning about it.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Hi Linda, totally agree with your pet peeve #2, and here in NoVa it is endemic! People vent all their hostility and frustration in traffic, it’s enough to make me never leave my house again. But then I decide I need to go to Trader Joe’s. Thanks for commenting!

  • Lotta Wanner

    So many good points Kathleen! Thank you! :)

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      No pet peeves for you Lotta?

  • Shamsudeen Adeshokan

    I hate it when you lie to me and I have to do the hard job of finding out the truth. tell me the truth and I will accept it a mistake.

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Lying is the worst, because the truth always comes out in the end. Thanks so much for adding to the discussion, Shamsudeen.

  • Sharon

    Where do I start? I hate it when people stand smack on the doorway or on a path and they’re discussing whatever on earth they’re discussing. Don’t they know other people need to use the path?

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      I know, it’s like you’re invisible. Especially a problem when shoppers at Costco block the aisle while they’re having a long conversation with their neighbors whom they haven’t seen in 20 minutes. Thx Sharon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/katie.semple.52 Katie Semple

    I just developed a new pet peeve: the use of “overwhelm” as a noun, as in “Avoid overwhelm”. It’s a verb. It could be an adjective if you wanted to add -ed or -ing to it. It is not, however, a noun. Now get off my lawn!

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Good one Katie, I haven’t heard that yet but it will annoy me when I do. If people are going to make up words,they need to start from scratch. Now I will get off your lawn.

  • Tammy Eakes

    Huge pet peeve – I can’t stand to hear someone say “ir-regardless”. HUH? Ir-regardless? Is that even a word? Doesn’t the “Ir” in front of “re” cancel out the “re”? So, are they really saying “gardless”? Ugh. Annoying!

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      Ha ha, I hope people don’t say it too often to you! I’m not sure what it means either, maybe it’s one of those figures of speech that people think sounds more proper, like saying “Buffy and myself” when they really mean “Buffy and me.”

  • Barbara

    Hi Kathleen,
    Wow, this turned out to be a fun discussion. Look at all those comments!
    I’d have to say back seat drivers, too. It’s dangerous when you’re planning to go straight and someone says, Turn here.”

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      I don’t know why it’s so fun to talk about what’s annoying, a chance to vent a little I guess. Well, you already know how I feel about backseat drivers, so I will not be telling you to turn here, Barbara.

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  • Diana

    Sometimes I feel silly about getting upset about something so petty, but I guess everyone does once in awhile.
    My pet peeves are:
    1. when someone repeats the same question over and over, when obviously I will still have the same answer. Drives me nuts.
    2. When someone asks me a simple question and I have to repeat my answer 4-5 different ways for them to understand me.
    3. When my boyfriend falls asleep on the phone every single night but doesn’t want to hang up! :-o

    • http://kathleencaron.com/ Kathleen Caron

      1. Agree;
      2. Agree;
      3. Awww that’s sweet! He must really love you :-)
      Thanks Diana!