you can never be too lost for God to find you


“When this lost dog was found, rescuers had an unexpected surprised.”

My friend Pamela Hodges ( posted this story on Facebook.  It is a tender story, told in photos, of a lost Shih Tzu-mix found by an animal control officer in Anderson, South Carolina.  When the little dog was found, it was discovered that she had adopted a tiny kitten, which she was nursing.

Why would a little dog rescue and nurse a kitten?  How did they find one another? If only dogs and kittens could talk, but they can’t, so we can only guess at what happened.  Somehow, lost and scared and alone, the little dog found one even more forlorn than herself. She found a helpless kitten, separated from the warm body of her mother, and decided in her little doggy brain, “I can’t abandon this little one. She has no one. She will be my child, and I will be her mother.”

It’s a lovely metaphor for God’s love, about how much He cares for the least, the most insignificant, the overlooked, the worthless. Even a little kitten is worth finding. You can never be so lost that God cannot find you, and that is my Christmas story.  

Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God. Luke 12:6

(You will happy to learn that the dog and kitten, now named Goldie and Kate, have found a forever home in South Carolina.)

Do you have a Christmas story? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Kathleen Caron

I'm good at finding stuff, and I love to share all my discoveries. I write about the intersection between faith, family, fellowship and food.

  • La McCoy


    • Kathleen Caron

      Thank you Laura, I hope your Christmas is so richly blessed by joy and peace and love!

  • Joan

    This is so touching and a wonderful analogy of God’s love for us. Blessings to you and your family for a Merry Christmas!

    • Kathleen Caron

      Blessings to you as well Joan, I hope this Christmas finds you with the ones you love, your heart at peace. And thanks again for springing me from Spam Prison! You are a lovely soul.

  • Shelley DuPont

    Animals have no prejudices, no preconceived notions. They just act according to instinct. Sometimes, I think we need to go with our gut feelings and follow our instincts. No telling how many little lost hearts will be cared for if we could look past our differences and see the need.

    • Kathleen Caron

      Very profound observation Shelley. How many little lost hearts are there, just hoping and praying to be found and loved? I hope you and your family are blessed with a lovely, joyous, warm and holy Christmas. xo Kathleen

  • Pamela Hodges

    Such a sweet story, and a lovely metaphor for God’s love. Delightful Mrs. Caron. Well done.

    • Kathleen Caron

      I would never have seen it if you hadn’t posted it on Facebook. It melted my cold cynical heart, and just before Christmas. I’m grateful my friend. I hope the Hodges home is filled with love and laughter, starting right about….now!

  • kathunsworth

    Kathleen life is wonderfully unpredictable and delightful I had a beautiful long haired dachshund that we adopted from animal welfare. She was a mess of a thing, it took many weeks of love to assure her she would not be beaten or treated badly. She was an amazing dog, loyal to the end and nursed the kittens we brought home who had no mothers. To see her tail wag and her doggy smile a permanent fixture was our happiness. Thanks for a lovely story.

    • Kathleen Caron

      What a precious dog. I never knew that dogs could nurse kittens until I read the story about the little Shih Tzu. I would love to read the story of your dachsund, if you ever decided to write it, and illustrate it of course!